LGC Bring & Buy 2023

LGC Bring & Buy!

If you don’t know already Saturday 26th August is our bring and buy day! 9am-5pm

What it is, is a day where along side the normal games being played we allow space for people to bring items to put put for to sell/trade with others. The plan is that while you chat with others or game people will ask who owns whatever item for sale and then offer to buy or trade from you. These are usually very successful at LGC every year armies get traded and many go away happy with either their money or else their new stuff. I’ve done a few of the main questions we get asked with answers below!

What is bring and buy day?

It’s a day where people can come down and play games and buy/sell anything loosely gaming related from/to other gamers! Think of it as an indoor car boot sale but for all things gaming and linked with it, but people also playing at the same time!

What time is it on?

9am-5pm on Saturday 26th August

Do I have to play while I am down?

I mean it would be nice if your down for awhile to join in but there is no requirement to play anything, come down to solely sell or to buy if that’s all you want.

Can I play if I am selling things?

Yes, if you have made it clear somehow that your items belong to you then people will know who to shout for when they want to buy something! However it is to note that no one else other than yourself is responsible for looking after your items. We haven’t had any thefts before but just a note to keep an eye on your own things.

Do I have to pay in to buy/sell?

You only have to pay in if you are gaming (and it isn’t your first time). However if you maybe got thirsty while you were down getting something from the tuckshop might be nice.

Can I reserve a spot to sell stuff?

No. We can only provide so much space and it’s first come and first get. We do ask that when you arrive you have some way of marking out your items (stickers or stuff wrote on a box etc) and also that you try to use as little space as you can.

Where exactly is LGC?


If I want to play do I have to book a table?

Would be best go here https://lisburn-gaming.co.uk/book-a-table/ or to the weekly post here https://www.facebook.com/groups/1150474441639869

Do you guys accept card?

Nope, we are cash only and before you ask, nearest cash machines are Spar beside Lagan Valley hospital and Mace, Spar and Coop on the longstone street.

Can I get food nearby?

Bring food with you or order food if you want its all good. LGC does have a tuckshop for snacks and drinks (75p each). Its cash only

Any further questions? Then get in touch! Hopefully we will see you then!