• Where abouts is the club located?

If you visit our “Where to find us” page, this will explain to you where we are located and also help provide directions to get to us via google maps.

  • What games do you play?

As a club we don’t specify exactly what games are to be played. Our members have freedom of choice over games what they would like to play. Click “What Games are played” to find out which games are common.

  • What are your age ranges?

Currently our policy is members must be 14+

However, anyone between the ages of 8 and 13 are more than welcome – provided they are accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

  • Do I have to be a member?

No, membership is not required to attend. You can pay at the door for the day.

1 day costs £4.00
Honorary members are £3.50
Table upstairs is £5.00 per person with a minimum group number of 4.

Just a note to mention that your first visit to LGC is now free (during covid this has changed to a £2.00 charge).

  • Can I just come down to watch?

Yes certainly! We do not charge people who wish to come down watch games, or even just to visit the club and say hello.

If you are considering paying the club a visit please let us know or. We will then be ready to welcome you in and show you round and answer any questions you may have.

You do not have to pay the entry fee, just to watch! We only charge people who wish to actually play something.

  • Do I need to bring my own things?

In most cases yes.

For Wargames you would need to bring your own army.

For RPGs you may need a few rulebooks – but if you do not own one someone else will happily share with you.

For games like Magic unless someone has multiple decks you may need your own.

  • Am I required to bring scenery?

Definately not! At Lisburn Gaming Club, we have a ever growning amount of scenery at hand for people to use for their games.

However, if you require something specific for a game, for whatever reason it may be useful if you own that yourself, for you to bring it.

If you wish to bring some scenery anyway then please feel free to

  • Does my army need to be painted?

No, it is not essential for your army to be painted, as long as it assembled it should be fine.

The only case where you would need it painted would be if a game was being run that required painted armies.

You will find alot of guys at the club do not have painted armies as they are still learning to use them or trying soemthing new etc.

  • Am I allowed to model rep?

We do allow the use of proxies/model rep. We only require you to inform your opponent before the game begins.

For most occassions we do not have an issue with repping at all, we are all there to game and have fun, as long as your opponent doesnt mind then yes you can.

  • What if I am new to the game?

We welcome beginners to all games!

No matter what game you wish to learn, if we currently have members who play it then they will help teach you the rules and how to play. If its Warhammer 40,000 or any other and we will happily have someone either teach you or even watch you playing in another game and help teach you how to play and may even possibly let you use their own army to play with.

  • What if I want to play a different game?

If you wish to play a game, that is currently not played at the club, then please bring it down! Mention it on our facebook groups that you are coming down and would like to play it. Most of our members are very keen to learn and play new games.

We do encourage people to begin different games down, so that there is more variety at the club.

  • What time is the club open from?

EVERY Saturday 9am – 6pm

We also open one Friday night a month 7.30pm – 11.30pm (currently not due to covid restrictions)

During special events our opening times may be extended.

  • Do you have house rules?

If you wish to play any games using house rules please agree this with your opponent before you begin your game.

  • Can I eat food or drink at the centre?

YES! Members are more than welcome to eat at the club. We ask that everyone keeps tidy out of respect for other gamers and for the community hall.

We also have a fully fitted kitchen available to use.

The club also has a small tuck shop with drinks, crisps and chocolate available.

Our tuck shop prices are:

Drinks – 75p

Crisps – 75p

Chocolate – 75p

We do however ask that anyone using dishes of any kind, washes and returns them to where they belong, before they leave.

We do not allow any alcohol anywhere on the premises.

  • Can I run a game at the club?

Yes certainly, as said before if you are coming down and would like run a game, mention this in our facebook groups and invite others to play it and no doubt you will get some interest.

  • I would like to help the club out, is there a way that I can?

As a club we are trying to branch out and help bring in more gamers in the area. For a variety of games and gamers. Anyone who wishes to help us could help by just mentioning the club to another friend who games etc.

Some members have donated scenery in the past and that has been greatly appreciated.

We do not want to make people feel that they must do something to help us, however if you become passionate about our club and want to help then please feel free, it is all greatly appreciated.

If you have other questions please get in touch and we can help you out. If you are after some advice feel free to ask, we will help if we can. We are not a shop and will not attempt to simply sell you things.