10th July Game Arranging

Game arranging for the 26th of June is now open to book a table simply fill out the form in the book a table page https://lisburn-gaming.co.uk/book-a-table/orgo to our facebook game arranging page and look at the announcement https://www.facebook.com/groups/1150474441639869

Game arranging for the 29th of May is now open.

Game arranging for May 29th Hi folks we’re back! We have a limited number of spaces available so tables will be first come firrst serve. If you would like to book a table please click on the book a table tab and fill in the form. Thanks, hope to see you all again soon

LGC Covid-19 Reopening Rules

From 29th May 2021 LGC will reopen its doors once again every Saturday. Below is a breakdown that will hopefully answer any questions you might have and explain how things should work. With us returning we will have to modify the Game Arranging slightly. We will be introducing people being able to sign up for… Continue reading LGC Covid-19 Reopening Rules