Charity Day 2023

Lisburn Gaming Club Charity Day 2023
1st July 2023
Where to find us –
Charities – Northern Ireland Chest Heart & Stroke and Almost Home Animal Rescue NI

This year Lisburn Gaming Club will be running a charity day on the 1st July, 9am until midnight that evening!
We invite anyone at all interested to call down and see us!
-All entry fees will go towards the charities (there will be no first time free entries on this day, normal rates will apply which is £4 for the entire day)
-We will be running a raffle on the day (due to take place sometime currently in the afternoon, likely between 2-4) – Anyone willing to offer up any prizes for the raffle would be great!
-As per usual we will have a tuck shop available for drinks and snacks (75p each item)

What will actually be happening?
-There will be various board game groups on throughout the day, spaces are likely to be available in most. – If you wish to bring your own game down to play feel free, but come on down and get involved!
-There are tables available for games like Warhammer 40k etc to be played on
-D&D groups will be running throughout the day – There is still spaces available in the D&D epic pvp game in the evening!
-Anyone willing to run a board game or D&D one shot please get in touch and we will help you get people lined up!

Dont forget to book a table!
If your looking to book a table for your game either go to our website to book a table or else on facebook go to

£1 Rerolls!
We are opening up the usual fun rule of £1 rerolls for games on the day, with all the money going to charity.
Rules are simple any game (that is willing) has the £1 reroll, where you can pay £1 to force a reroll of the dice. This means if you roll badly you can pay £1 and get a new roll (but you must take the new roll!).
It also means however you can make someone else reroll a roll of the dice they have just taken! – Many like to watch and force rerolls for the fun of it!
We like to say no to the rerolling of a reroll as things will spiral but each table can choose to ignore this one rule if they wish!

Any further questions about the day please get in touch with us!