Upstairs Rooms

At LGC, we have a great hall to use for all gaming needs, but sometimes we either we have not enough room or some of our members require a quiet space for the likes of roleplay games such as Dungeons & Dragons, etc.

The rooms themselves are a great size, with incredibly comfortable chairs and each room also has air conditioning.

We do not have access to the rooms normally but given enough notice as per our game arranging group on facebook (or website booking form) we can arrange the rooms to be made available for a group needing it. Rules for arranging the rooms are as follows;

Rules for game arranging, to get to use the rooms are as follows;
-We need to know before 11.59pm on the tuesday before the saturday the room is needed
-The rooms have a 4 person minimum
-Entrance fee for upstairs is £5 per person (including honorary members).

When/if you get the rooms arranged for your group, there is however certain rules that must be followed in use of the room (reasons for this is a special deal we have with the centre management).
-No fast food (pizza etc) Only food such as snacks from tuckshop and the likes of sandwiches are ok (so subways are fine)
-All rubish must be placed in a bag and brought downstairs at the end of the day
-No club scenery is permitted in the rooms, if you wish to have scenery for your game please provide your own.
-Rooms must be left exactly how you found them, tables back in position and chairs nicely underneath etc. Rooms must be left immaculate.

Please note we have no guarantee on having these rooms week to week. If we do not have access to them as another group has already booked. There is nothing we can do. We will squeeze you in downstairs but it is out of our hands.