Book a Table

Full table booking rules are below form at bottom of page.

Welcome to our new booking a table form! if there are any issues please contact us via Facebook or else email us at

You should hear back from us within two days of your booking, to confirm it!

Rules for upstairs rooms are here
Friday night openings for 2024 are here

Game Arranging for a Saturday is usually open from the saturday previous and we normally book through our facebook group. However if you dont have facebook you can use the below form. You can book in advance as a one off. If you wish to book an upstairs room follow the rules and remember there is a deadline which is Tuesday before you want to use the room. If you are looking an upstairs room, please mention this in the comments section.

Please note the following:
– We Require full names of all playing (no nicknames)
– You do not need to do both this and the facebook game arranging
(only do 1)
– Upstairs Rooms have strict rules see them here
– Booking a table for a saturday closes at 9pm on the friday before.
– Booking a table is required

– Wait to see the confirmation of the below form to know your booking has been sent to us, if there is an error it will say below and wont send.
Dont follow these rules, then we wont accept your table booking

If you do not receive a confirmation reply within 48hours please email us at

When you have made a booking you DO NOT NEED TO ALSO REPLY ON FACEBOOK gaming arranging post for that week