How to book a Tournament

A lot more people have gotten in touch with us asking if we can host tournaments for them. The short answer is – Yes!

How do I book a tournament at LGC?

Step 1. Contact Colin through email at

Step 2. In the email we need the following details

  • Date or dates that would suit.
  • How many players are likely.
  • How tables you need.
  • If you have your own terrain or require some of LGC terrain. If you require LGC terrain, what type do you need? Fantasy/Sci-fi etc.
  • Start and Finish Times (From the moment you enter the building to the time you plan to leave the building)
  • Will you require us to open on Friday before the tournament to set up?

Step 3. You will likely be asked to wait a while as we check availability with our Community Centre. If you haven’t heard anything for a week contact Colin once again and make sure he hasn’t forgotten!

Step 4. If confirmed keep in contact with Colin with regular updates as to numbers of planned attendees etc. until the day.

Please note: we have had people book tournaments then go radio-silent on us for months, only to show up on the day expecting us to accommodate them with no prior warning. If we cannot contact you or you fail to reply for a long time we will assume your tournament has been cancelled.

LGC will not advertise this event for you, you will have to advertise it yourself.


-If you are able to run a small tournament between our regular club times (9-6) with only a few tables and have your own terrain, we will only ask that each person simply follows are admission fees, and that’s all we ask for. (Usually £4.00 per head)

-If your tournament is longer than one day or will not allow us to open properly for a normal club day for our members we will ask you to pay our rent for the entire length of your requested times. (Rent is around £50 per day, but fluctuates depending on opening times, rooms booked, and closing times).

More Info

On the day of your event committee will help you out setting up tables, organising terrain for you, and providing tuck shop for your attendees. We will also take care of clearing tables, terrain, and rubbish away at the end of the day.

There is a tuck shop ran by the committee (drinks, chocolates and crisps) – everything is 75p.

How to direct people to us show them this link

We would also appreciate if you make a Facebook group to link us on it as your location or somewhere and if you take pictures it would be nice for LGC to be linked in the set or something, or even send them to us.