First Time Coming to LGC?

If you plan or are planning to come down and begin what we hope is a long time of attending LGC then we assume you have many questions and are not sure what to expect.

Firstly make sure you check the following pages out of our website:
Where to find us – For literally where we are (remember we have a car park and public transport does pass us).
What Games are Played – Explains in a little detail of the regular games. But we do not control what people play, we help them have a place to play it.
FAQ’s – Basic questions and answers for the more common asks.
Book a Table – We rely on weekly arrangement of booking tables to play, as space and tables etc are all limited. We ask most people to use our Facebook Game Arranging Group, where there are posts put up which you reply to, to book and table and arrange games, as shown below.

If you dont have facebook you can use our Book a table form

Other to Remember:
– We open most saturdays 9am -6pm.
– You can come down for a pickup game (not during covid restrictions) however we cannot guarantee we will have space.
– There is a fee to play.
– We have a tuck shop for snacks and drinks, there is also a kitchen for tea/coffee and if you want to heat something in microwave.
– Kids under 14 are allowed but must be with parent/guardian the entire time.
– There is no ATM on the premises or nearby, cash only.
– You do not have to know the rules to the game you are playing/wish to play, we can almost guarantee we will be able to help you out learn that game you want to play.
– If you want to play a game but have no one to play against/with we may be able to help if you contact us in good time.

For further help Contact us via email or facebook etc and we will do what we can to help.