Honorary Members

To reward extra awesome members, LGC introduced the honorary member system. Each year the committee picks a new set of members based off of the previous year and reward them with honorary member status. This entitles them to a slight discount on entry to the club. Also former committee members who successfully complete their committee term, outlined in the constitution also get honorary status for good (well until they stop regularly attending the club). Full Honorary Member FAQ’s are here.

Below is a list of the current Honorary Members April 2021 – March 2022.

· Steve Fletcher (ex-committee)

· Roger Campbell (ex-committee)

· Alan Johnston (ex-committee)

· Jenny Carson (ex-committee)

· Gary McDowell (ex-committee)

· Simon McCracken (ex-committee)

· Bill Taylor (ex-committee)

· John Dowdall (ex-committee)

· Bryan O’Neile (ex-committee)

· Nathan Cooper (ex-committee)

· Thom Denton (ex-committee)

· Andy McGorman

· Carolynne McGorman

· Roger Ball

· Chris Kirkpatrick