AGM 2022 Minutes

Lisburn Gaming Club 2022 AGM Minutes
Date – 9th April 2022
Update on the year past
• Update on finances, “Money is good”
• £300+ spent on scenery for 40k, blood bowl mats, Xwing mats and DnD materials
• An order for legion scenery has been made
• DnD event and 40k League

Going forward
• Increased online presence, increasing awareness of the club.
• Printer has been donated. (not a 3d one)
• Friday night tester to happen, Date pending
• Bring and Buy provisionally in June
• 40k Tournament in the summer (doubles if Colin has his say)
• T-shirts and Hoodies, order will be made after more committee join.
• Committee recruitment.- Jenny & Sophie joined committee after this.
• Volunteer list being redone. – Let us know if your keen to join
• Saturdays might be extended for upstairs DnD.

Honorary Members
• Roger Campbell
• Alan Johnson
• Jenny Carson
• Gary McDowell
• John “Postie” Dowdall
• Bryan O’Neile
• Thom Denton
• Mark Dornan (retiring from committee)
• Ash Brown
• Davin Anderson
• Mark Nugent
• Jimmy Dowdall
• Andy McGorman
• Carolynne McGorman
• Roger Ball

Constitution Changes – Peter
• Existing constitution unfit for purpose due to changes in child protection and adult safeguarding.
• Has been re-written to bring it up to standard.
• All members will be required to register for contact details, permission to be photographed, code of conduct and emergency medical information.
• Members under the age of 18 will be required to have to register for parental permission.
• Committee in process of getting Access NI registration
• GDPR updates to come