24hr Charity Event for Ukraine

9th April 2022

On the 9th April, we will be holding a 24hr event to raise money for the people of Ukraine.

We would love for this to be successful, We will be open 9am Saturday 9th and closing 9am Sunday 10th April.

Games are being planned and arranged, if you check our facebook groups or the facebook event. If you havent got a game arranged i would encourage you to call down anyway and see if you can join in on one of the many games being played. Many board games etc should be happening on they day!
To book a table go to our game arranging post on facebook for the day or else book a table here on our website (remember to see if the form submits or not)

Money will be raised via
– Sign In Fees
– Raffle Tickets
– The Famous £1 rerolls!!
– And if anyone wishes to they can also donate to us (get in contact)

We would like to thank all of the donations we have received so far for raffle prizes (we will give you the credit you deserve shortly) and hopefully we will have many more.