The Legacy of Alexandros DnD Epic

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What is The Legacy of Alexandros?
This is a Dungeons and Dragons, one day 30 person epic that we are trialing to lead on to a future linked step-in step-out multi-group campaign.
The plan for this Epic is that;
-The players will be split into 2 sides they signed up for
-Each side will form into 3 seperate groups for each round of missions (players on the same sides can play in different groups each round).
-Players will be asked to choose one of the players on their side to be the “warlord”
-Warlords will speak on behalf of their sides, informing the GMs of what the groups will be, and which mission each group will be attempting to complete
-Warlords will also be the deciding voice for their side, whoucl an issue come up that has a vote and the vote numbers are even.
-Each side will be run through several mini missions or quests, in order to buff their side, debuff the other side or help gear up their characters before a final boss fight.
-Players can exchange or give items to other members on thier side, between rounds.
-Whenever the day ends, the outcome of it (which side wins) and noteable characters actions etc will all be wrote into the following campaign as the backstory, lore and legendary tales.

When is this happening?
Saturday 14th August (9am – 6/7pm)

Where is this happening?
This will be happening of course at at Lisburn Gaming Club, for directions etc go to where to find us

How do I sign up?
You can sign up from now and to do so, you must click the link at the bottom of this page, which will take you to our page that will explain the backstory and the important characters and ask you to choose a side. When you choose a side, you must click the relevant link and fill in the form the link takes you to (you will not be required to submit a full character sheet just yet, just give us a rough idea.
Each side will initially only have 15 spaces each, if you put your name down for a side that is already full, we will contact you to ask if you want to switch sides or join a waiting list for if anyone has to pull out. If demand is high we may consider allowing more spaces.

How much will it cost?
£4 for the day, unless your an honorary member.

Is there a cash machine?
No we dont have a cash machine it is cash only

What about Lunch?

We will have a lunch break on the day, there should be time to nip out to somewhere local if you wish or else feel free to order something to the club or even bring some lunch with you, we have fridge and microwave which your free to use. To note we also have a tuck shop for drinks and snacks and we have everything to tea and coffee.

Age Ranges?
As per usual we are open to all age ranges, however younger kids (under 14) will require an adult to be in attendance with them at all times.

What are the Covid Restrictions
Until we are told further you will find out our Covid Restrictions here

What if im a D&D beginner?
We are happy enough to welcome beginners, we are well used to helping teach the game to people and our members are happy enough to help keep you right if need be.

Do i need to have a model and or dice?
We have a copy of the Handbook at the club and hopefully many of the players will have the handbook etc. Having the books and models would be great but if you do not we can help provide you with a model and have access to a book.

What restrictions are on characters?
Characters must be level 5. They are also only allowed to be created from the following official sources;
-Players Handbook
-Volo’s guide to monsters
-Xanathars Guide to Everything
-Tasha’s cauldron of everything

Please note;
-no monsterous creatures are permitted as characters
-You get the following starting gold as per the handbook
-You are free to purchase weapons etc from those books using your gold (no magic items)
-Character sheets must be submitted before 7th August, (you will recieve more details in your confirmation email about that)
-Items will be able to be bought between missions from money you earn on the day
-Long Rests and Short rests will be limited throughout the day and actually be taken also as real world rests, 1 long rest during the day (lunch time) and short rests will be limited during your quest and also mean the GM will take some time out of game to rest. But remember your quests will be a race against the opposing faction, so only take them if you must.
-Between missions you can recover health and Spell slots.
-Spells with a spell casting time of more than 5 minutes can only be cast during a quest if the group takes a short rest
-Spells with a casting time of longer than 1 hour cannot be cast during the event.
-Spells that affect an area of over 200 feet in radius (e.g. control weather) can affect other groups in the same sector at the admin discretion. Please inform admin if you have spells such as these.
-All allignments are allowed
-Charactwes must be made using the point buy system mentioned in the players handbook and then levelled up to level 5.
**Please note these event details may possibly change before the event start but you will be informed**

Facebook Event
We will try to update all on the latest for the event, but for the best updates and to ask questions etc, please join the facebook event in our LGC D&D group.

To add something a little extra to this event, we will be implementing the LGC traditional £1 reroll for charity. So throughout the day, players and GM’s and even passers by can pay £1 to charity to get a reroll on a dice just rolled, if they didnt like the result. However the rules are you may not reroll a reroll and you must take the new result. You can use this reroll rule for a roll you made yourself or you can make others reroll a roll they just made. As i right this, the charity has not been decided, but we will use our facebook group to decide this.

Other Questions?
As mentioned in the point above, joining our facebook event in our D&D facebook group or else e-mail us here.

To Join up please go to the next page, read the setting and complete the form to choose your side!

Lets Go Signup!