LGC Covid-19 Reopening Rules

From 29th May 2021 LGC will reopen its doors once again every Saturday. Below is a breakdown that will hopefully answer any questions you might have and explain how things should work.

  • With us returning we will have to modify the Game Arranging slightly. We will be introducing people being able to sign up for games via our website, for those who don’t have facebook. We will be asking people to give approx. arrival/departure times so we can stick to how many people we are allowed in at once. Also We will be asking if you wish to be around people wearing masks entire time or not, as explained later.
  • We will be returning and have access to both the main hall and the rooms upstairs. There are limits to the amount of people that are allowed into both. The limits are 8-10 people for the rooms upstairs (depending on which room you get) and for the main hall it is a maximum of 40 people.  Both the hall and rooms must be kept well ventilated.
  • As a reminder our prices have gone up, Entrance fee is now £4 per person. Honorary Members will be £3.50.  For the upstairs rooms it will be £5 per person, with a minimum group booking of 4 people (If wanting to book upstairs must be asked for by Tuesday at the latest and follow the usual booking rules, they are on our website)
  • Game Arranging Facebook Page is here (you have to provide all asked for details. Website online table booking is here (you must provide all asked for details).
  • There will be a one-way system for entering and exit the hall, please follow the signs and stick to it.
  • Hand sanitisers will be a plenty please use often.
  • Masks must be worn when moving around the centre and upon arrival/leaving. So going to the toilet, to the tuck shop etc will require a mask. If you stick to your table as long as it is agreed with your opponent(s) you may remove your mask.
  • When you arrive, please do not move past the sign in desk and we will get you sorted for where your playing etc. Whoever signs you in will write your name on sign in sheets.
  • Please stick to your table while you game to keep the movement of people as limited as we can.
  • Ask the committee to help set up any scenery etc for you if you require any
  • Tuck shop will have regular calls via the bell. Sorry folks but we will not have people randomly gathering unless committee do a tuck shop call. If tuckshop is called please line up at a safe distance while wearing your mask.
  • The tuck shop items will be lifted to you by a committee wearing gloves, please do not reach for items yourself.
  • Please bin all of your own rubbish in the bins provided. (common sense I think)
  • Likely that hobby tables will not be available during this time.
  • If you are meeting someone at the club to trade something. Unless you are both inside gaming please complete the trade outside as we are asking for people who are not gaming to please refrain from coming in as we are only permitted a certain number of people within the hall / Rooms.
  • If you are using the rooms upstairs you must enter the enter and sign in straight away (wearing a mask). You will be then escorted to the room you have booked, you can then arrange the room as you wish for your group but the door and windows must remain open to keep the room ventilated. No others will be permitted into your room except for those who have been booked in (committee exceptions so we can sort things) due to limit in number of people allowed in rooms.
  • We are attempting to cut down numbers currently so we are not keen on people coming down just to watch games at the moment.
  • GM/DM’s and those people running games for other people and first timers will temporarily not be free entry, there will now be a discounted entry fee of £2.00.

Any further questions please contact the LGC Committee via our various ways