LGC 40k League Rules

Rules for the current league are:

  1. We are using Match play format – 2000pts you may not exceed this. Follow all rules from this.
  2. You pick a faction and codex – You may not change your faction/codex, however you are allowed to change your list. (For example Imperium, Space marines – means you are locked for the entire league with imperium Space marines)
  3. New codex’s/ FAQs released are automatically updated and immediately in use.
  4. You will play 6 games over the course of 6 months (1 game a month)
  5. You will be randomly paired each round into a new opponent.
  6. You may use unpainted models
  7. FW is included, however it must be the FW model.
  8. We are playing the Grand Tournament 2021 strike force mission set from Chapter approved 2021. Each game will generate their own mission by rolling for it.
  9. If you are unable to attend you match up for a month it will count as a loss. Two missed matches you will be removed from the League.
  10. Games must be played at LGC. No exceptions.
  11. Results reported to LGC Committee (colin) via in person, facebook, whatsapp or email colin@lisburn-gaming.co.uk. Please record the result and game points scored for both sides.
  12. Game points gained from all battles will be used as tie-breaker.
  13. If you fail to play a game both people will recieve 0 points
  14. Have fun and make new friends.