Honorary Members FAQ

To explain what our honorary member status is, how to become one and just what it means in general, we have added this page to explain any questions you may have about it. Please feel free to get in contact with us if you have any further questions.

Q: What is honorary membership?

A: Honorary membership, is a way for us to reward our members who stand out above the rest, for whatever reason. It could be that they have donated many things to us, ran events for us or even just been there to help with setting up packing up on a regular basis, anything really that makes that person stand out from the rest of our members.

Q: What is so special about the honorary membership?

A: As we have said this is a way for us to reward those members who stand out and who we believe are very much role model members. To reward them, we have simply given them a different colour of name on our forums so that they can show off somewhat and also they receive discount on entry to the club.

Q: Who can become a honorary member?

A: Anyone can become a honorary member at all, just come to the club regularly and show your passions for the hobbies and the club and help out in whatever way you wish and we may just reward you.

Q: Is there any other criteria for becoming a honorary member?

A: Apart from being awesome, the only other thing that we ask is that you are an active, regular member of the club. Show up most weeks and not just now and again.

Former committee members, who complete a full term on the committee will be given the title after they finish their term. This only applies if they are not removed due to disciplinary reasons and that they are still actively attending the club on a regular basis.

Q: When did this begin?

A: We inducted our first honorary member a few months after the club began to thank him for all his help in getting us set up and established and we have continued to induct people ever since.

Q: How long can someone be a honorary member?

A: Since March 2012 we decided that we would have members become honorary members for a year and then we would review our entire list of honorary members again the following year. From April until April.

Q: Why are they only given the title for a year?

A: Originally we did not have a time period on being a honorary member however we then realised that if we continued to give people the title eventually most of our members if not all of them could be counted as honorary members. Also we discovered that once people had got the status they began to abuse it, in different ways, like no longer being a role model or helping out and it became a very negative thing as they no longer cared, since they were already getting their discount, so why bother putting the effort into helping.

We also felt that if it were a unlimited thing that it would lose some of its appeal and be less meaningful.

Q: What happens to the honorary members after one year?

A: Well the committee will annually review the list of committee members any anyone who no longer meets the criteria (attendance, role modeling and supporting the club) will be removed as a honorary member. Those who continue to remain doing great things and attending the club regularly may be kept as a honorary member for another year.

Q: So someone can remain a honorary member for more than one year?

A: Yes. If the committee still believes them to be worthy of the title then they shall keep it for another year.

Q: Does this apply to former committee members too?

A: Former committee members (who completed a full term) will indefinitely remain as a honorary member, unless they are no longer a active member who is attending the club regularly or do something to warrant us having to remove the status.

Q: So someone can be removed as a honorary member at anytime?

A: Only in the event of facing disciplinary procedures at the club. Honorary status can be revoked depending on if the individual does something that goes against the clubs rules and disciplinary procedures and it will be removed from them in this instance.