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The Setting

Alexandros was the Emperor of the Elysian Empire until he recent death. From his teenage years he began to fight and he slowly began to gain power. Through a short span of just over 30 years he created and lead the Elsyian Empire, which was remarkably vast in size, with also incredibly large armies. Through his time he slowly either conquered neighbouring lands or else got the lords of those lands to agree to submit to his rule and join his mighty Empire. He was known to not only be a mighty warrior, but also a master tactician and a clever negotiator and manipulator.
As his empire grew, so did the economy within its towns and cities, as new trade routes opened and new treaties formed with each new land added to the empire. No city greater benefitted from the Empires economy boom than Franver which began as a very small, forgettable port town. With the expanse of the Empire, Franver grew in size and in wealth. Franver was Alexandros’ capitol city of his Empire and where he built his palace.


Alexandros had 4 sons, some of which were through political alignments as kingdoms got absorbed into his empire. His sons in order of age were Makael, Nothos, Alric and Kazarand. Each of his sons, grew up in the image of their father, they were each taught to be warriors, how to lead and how to conquer.
Shortly after his 50th birthday Alexandros, suddenly took ill and didnt last long before dying of the mystery illness. When he became ill, Luther Highren, the kings right hand sent messengers to summon his sons, who each were spread across the empire fulfilling their roles within the empire such as leading armies of the empire into battles to expand the empire further or to defend it against both internal and external threats.
His sons arrived as quickly as they could and plans were they made to hold the funeral for their great father and also conduct the ceremony to name Makael new Emperor of the Elysian Empire as he was Alexandros’ eldest and son and heir. Shortly after the funeral, Makael was found by Luther Highren dead in his chambers. Luther discovered that Makael had been posioned and the evidence pointed to Nothos as being responsible for his older brothers death. Luther Highren immediately put out the orders for Nothos to be arrested as it would appear he had murdered his brother so he himself could be the next Emperor. Luther Highren, being the regent of the city and of the empire until the new Emperors ceremony is complete, also declared Alric to be the new heir and not Nothos due to his actions.
Nothos quickly fled the city to safer lands, loyal to him and the empire fell into a civil war, as the lands around the empire slowly declared themselves loyal to either Nothos or Alric.
Nothos gathered his own army, and aided by Vedrash the Winged and his mercenary soldiers and also Acricto (Alexandros’ former spymaster) and his agents, marched on Franver. When Nothos arrived he found his brothers Alric and Kazarand waiting with their own forces, backing up the soldiers of Franver lead by Luther Highren regent of the city.
This is were your find yourself, in the city of Franver which is under attack by Nothos’ forces they have broke in through the walls and gates and the battle is now within the city, but whose side are you on?

Nothos & Allies

Nothos son of Alexandros born out of a political alignment with a allied human kingdom which was absorbed into the empire. Born a second son he was destined to be a military leader which he took to like a dragon to the sky a black Knight ruthless on the battlefield when it’s called for but honourable. He leads the Iron Drakes his hand picked cavalry unit heavy linebreakers, who ride their drake mounts into battle. Nothos, believes he is the most qualified should lead The empire and It shouldn’t just be handed to someone because of their bloodline will fight with unit tactics to overcome opponents but is Honour bound to accept a challenge to a duel from a worthy opponent.

Acricto, believes that true beauty and creativity is inspired by Chaos, so in order to create the opportunity for finer art to come into being then he must create the circumstances for chaos to occur. He sees himself as a Patron of the arts and might even favour a good party or (seem to) as he uses them as pawns to unleash more chaos. Acricto likes to use catspaws, he will look to set up circumstances that will have his foes battling each other or his rivals rather than engage himself. In combat he will seek to hide or disguise himself then seek to dominate his foes strongest warrior and get them to attack their party’s casters. Quite simply Acricto is charming, he is suave and he is all about the Drama, he is backing Nothos son of Alexandros because he believes that more chaos will flourish with Nothos contesting Alric. Acricto was in fact Alexandros spymaster and a number of agents spread throughout the region they Help smooth the way for Alexandros in war and diplomacy, Acricto has a rivalry with Luther Highren thinking him to be a stuff boring busybody, Acricto advise was the bold, grand action boring does not make art or Drama.

Vedrash the Winged, leader of the Gnashing Fang mercenary band, is a power-hungry, cunning and ruthless leader, known for taking almost any kind of job as long as it pays. His disposition is one of a jack of all trades, engaging appropriately in every kind of social situation and is very charismatic to his own troops, near instilling a kind of zealot fever within them. He is the kind of person to almost always have a plan on the battlefield and often uses himself as a distraction to allow these plans to go through.
Recruited by Nothos, to aid him in his fight for power against his brothers, Nothos made some big promises to get Vedrashes support.

Alric & Allies

Alric, Alexandros’ 3rd son was somewhat overshadowed by his 2 older brothers in many ways and was often an afterthought when talking of Alexandros and his children. Alric, although human is often considered to part Goliath or even giant, as he is a monster of a man, both in height and build. Alric is a very fierce warrior in his own right and one-on-one could defeat any warrior or monster he came up against. Many considered Alexandros to use Alric as somewhat of an executioner as he unquestionably carried out his fathers orders of war and punishments on unloyal servants and worshippers of dark powers. Although he never questioned his fathers orders as he was incredibly loyal to his father, it did not mean he enjoyed doing them always. Alric is a natural warrior and a monster of a man and as strong as any beast you would encounter he is much more intelligent than anyone thinks. Very much a natural tactican, with his actions seeming brutal they are but planned out to perfection. Unlike his brother Nothos, Alric does not ride into battle on a with his armour gleaming ontop of a drake surrounded by a cavalry of equally shiny armoured warriors also ontop of drakes, Alric and his personal warriors (often refered to as Alrics Minotaurs) often lead the charge. Usually in Alrics battles he leads his Minotaurs into the centre of the enemy as a spearhead to break into the enemies defences and spirits as seeing these hulking warriors in full charge carving a path of destruction causes the enemy to flee.
Alric although ususally quiet is very eloquent and could have been quiet the diplomat, if ever given the opporunity to speak, as he was usually quieten by his more voicetress brothers.
Upons hearing of Makael’s murder, Alric was quick to believe Luther Highren’s words, having become increasing worried of stories and rumours he had heard about Nothros. Putting the ceremony on hold to crown him as new Emperor, Alric rallied his younger brother Kazarand to side to make Nothros pay for his actions and to avenge his former noble brother Makael who, Alric respected greatly.

Luther Highren
Luther Highren was the emperors right hand from his rise to power until his death. When the warring sons and opportunistic thieves decided to try and destroy his legacy by fighting over his kingdoms, Luther decided to put an end to the puppies fighting over the scraps. He is not a emperor, nor a king but he will not allow the empire to fall into any ungrateful hands.
After the Emperors death, it was his right hand who found the poison, it was his right hand how held control over the city in the turbulent weeks after his death and it will be his right hand who brings the poisoner and all dogs who side with them to justice.

Kazarand was never a very serious child, there was no need to be, with four older brothers in line for the throne, he immersed himself in studying magic in the palace library not for a sense of achievement or any great love of the arcane arts but because he found that a little bit of magic adds an extra spark for the tricks and trap contractions he built to entertain himself in his more mischievous years. Responsibility and duty catch up with everyone eventually, Kazarand was not an exception to this, in his early teens while playing a trick on his eldest brother his father the Emperor step ahead of his intended target and triggered and wild enchanted contraception resulting in some well placed trinkets with several prestidigitation altering the Emperor’s attire to an unflattering display of colours and flesh. While furious the Emperor seems to mistake Kazarands talent for mischief and tricker with minor magic acts as I genius talent for magic and sent him to the most prodigious of magical academies to represent the Imperial Family and become a powerful archmage in his own right. Unfortunately Kazarand’s raw magical talent didn’t much further exceed what he was currently capable of which was some very limited magical trickery, it soon became apparent that his time at this classic academy was coming to and end and with it the respect of his father. After leaving Kazarand found that medicine and more especially tools to assist those not gifted with arcane or divine calls was where his interest lay, studying mundane medical techniques and then apply his talent for invention and enchantment to problems assist those in less affluent areas of the capital with medical issues without have to pay for miracles or expensive drafts. He set up his own clinic in the poorer area of the city and continued to practice for many years, until the news of his fathers death was announced, at first he was hesitant to make and appearance, he hand seen his father in years, nor is brother, but when the news came suddenly of his eldest brothers death he made his way to the palace, he was greeted by a hostile tension as this brother debated of the succession how that the elected heir was dead. After much debate the brother, lords and generals seemed split down the middle, for to join a side or do what he could to maintain his way of life and for those he had come to know in the city, he joined with his brother Alric in an attempt to curb the excess warmongering of his other brother.

***We have 1 space left for team Nothos!, other than that folks we are allowing sign ups to be added to a reserve list. We are expecting a few drop outs, so your not guaranteed a place to play however we are expecting atleast 1 or 2 dropouts and the reserve players would then be allowed to play***

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***We have 1 space left for team Nothos!, other than that folks we are allowing sign ups to be added to a reserve list. We are expecting a few drop outs, so your not guaranteed a place to play however we are expecting atleast 1 or 2 dropouts and the reserve players would then be allowed to play***

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