Roles Of Committee Member

This page indicates the roles and jobs of what committee members currently need to do at LGC. This is used as a reference page for people interested in being future committee memebers, or for the current ones to clarify things they need to remember or even just for those people that wonder what we actually have to do. This is a non-sugar coated list of jobs that everyone who signs up to the committee is expected and asked to do.


We do not require for committee members to attend the club everyweek without fail. It is a voluntary role not a job. We do look for people who have a passion for their hobby and would plan on being down often. We do not need someone who wants to come down once in a blue moon and then lies as to why he/she isnt coming down to help etc, its not like that if you have stuff to do its fine. Thats why we have several committee members to cover.

Things have been highlighted to show most jobs are not expected for everyone to do on their own etc. the most of the work is helping set up and pack up, sign people in and do tuck shop. but we do this all between us. The main role you have to do on your own. Is simply say if your able to come down and what times you should be at the club, this is done weekly and literally takes a minute fo your time.

On club days

We all share the following jobs as a team

-Opening the doors and shutters (if first person there)

  • (as part of the team)Help set up the club, if agreed to be down for setup (laying out the tables, putting down the board, throwing sheet over the boards, leaving out enough chairs and getting out the storage boxes, setting up sign in desk and setting up tuckshop)
  • (as part of the team)Signing in people at sign in desk throught the day as they enter the club.

(if your nearby or if someone is looking, but again part of a team)Getting items at tuckshop for people who are looking to buy things

(as part of a team)Keeping club tidy

(if you happen to see something)Repair any simple breakages to club scenery if they notice any

(as part of a team)Packing up the club, if they are agreed to be there for pack up (putting away tables,boards,storage boxes and clearing up rubbish and leaving hall in good order)

Not at club (if applicable)

most of these are only if possible

-Communicate through the facebook committee chat chat to agree to buy things or for rules etc. (just as a general chat)

-Post attendance weekly on committee group to their possible attendance each week at a time. (before mid week or as early as you know)

-Share any interesting gaming links they see on the facebook page (as you see them its easy to just hit share)

-Post up any pics they took at the club to the facebook page if there happens to be any (if you took any)

-Agree to attend and attend any committee meetings arranged if there happens to be any (however we mostly do these during club days as not to take away from anyones free time)

-Keep eye open for any good deals for tuck shop if they happen to see any in shops (and then purchase some for club and they will get repaid on proof of receipt).

-If knowing going into a bank take a few bags of change to the bank, (only if possible as to help out)

One off jobs that may happen once or twice a year

(as part fo a team)Help build or paint club scenery (if we buy new or some needs fixing)

(as part of a team)Set up the club on a friday night  if we have a massive tournament the next day.