N.I. Blood Bowl!

LGC is very proud and happy to not only host, but also have NIBB run our Blood Bowl league for us, as well as Blood Bowl events throughout the year.

It is a great game with a big following and if your interested please contact them via their facebook page or via their discord server.

NIBB Mission statement

Connecting all BB in NI – Identifying and marketing how and where you can play Blood Bowl in Northern Ireland.

Partnering with EIRE BB Community to develop Blood Bowl across Ireland – NIBB seeks to supplement and reinforce the good work down by the EIRE BB community, focusing our own efforts on the scene here in NI.

Support Tournament Play within NI – sharing experience, ideas, TO tips, physical resources (BB Pitches) and volunteering TO assistance and eventually supporting others through the process of becoming an organiser

Support League Play within NI – Sharing experience of running leagues with existing and potential new leagues.

Support NAF uptake – The NAF is the worldwide organisation that supports Organised Blood Bowl play. Their endorsement of tournaments means that players can track their global ranking and draws bigger crowds. As a community, having more signed up coaches is only a positive thing.

Create a Pathway for Players to find Leagues – Providing prospective coaches with all the information as to where, when and how they can join any of our leagues will allow them to make the right decision for them as to where to play. Reducing the barrier to entry to these leagues by directing new coaches to the right friendly faces in each community.

Create a Pathway for New Players to learn the game – Establishing a series of learn to play sessions throughout the year at our venues as well as giving people the opportunity to help out when new players pop up

Market NI Tournament Play to Those further afield – Northern Irish Blood Bowl can grow to the point where people from the rest of the UK or beyond in mainland Europe should want to come visit and face off versus our player base at tournaments. Consistent, positive messaging and marketing will eventually see people want to travel to NI to play alongside us!

Establish Travel to tournament social culture – Travelling to tournaments is fun and having friends around you makes the experience cheaper, more interactive and much less daunting.

Support Online and In Person Coach Mentoring – Establishing a bench of experienced coaches to share their time with others who want to see Blood Bowl from a different perspective or just sharpen up skills.

NIBB Leagues

Lisburn Gaming Club

Opening Days – Saturdays 9am-5pm

Vibe – mix of experience amongst all coaches who play on a semi regular basis at the club

Season Length – 1 year

When can I join – any time, coaches can be added mid season

Format – open play where any coach can play each other, no set fixtures in regular season you must fulfil, and play offs for all coaches after regular season

How to join – Pop into the discord channel

Anything else? – The league costs a small fee (£8) which supports the league software that we use and the prizes for the winners. Each coach will always get a gift of custom D6 dice, commemorating the League Season

Exploding Dice Blood Bowl League

Opening Days – Tues, Wed, Thurs (tho league games do not have to be played at the club)

Vibe – wide ranging from complete novice to competitive

Season Length – varies, usually around 10 games and a top 8 playoff

When can I join – any time

Format – BB 2020 11’s.  Standard rules league play

How to join – reach out to Exploding Dice and ask

Anything else? – The league pairs each game day the week prior to it happening,  this is done using tourplay and a swiss pairing system.  It means that only folks who are free to play get paired so coaches can duck in and out on a week by week basis as their life’s schedule allows.

MABBL (Mourne Area Blood Bowl League)

Location: Maginn’s Pub, Castlewellan

When: Alternate Thursday evenings from 19:00

Vibe: A bunch of local friends with varying levels of experience playing Blood Bowl.

Season length: 6-9 months depending of numbers.

Format: Informal round robin, realised through individual challenges. Becomes more formal towards the end to ensure matchings.

How to join: hop on to discord, join the WhatsApp, come along for a pint/cup of tea/other beverage of choice.

Anything else? Small fee of £5 to pay for hosting and trophies. New teams may be added mid season.

Between seasons we usually mix it up a little. Last intermission we had a dungeon bowl league. We’ve also had a 7s feeder league, to allow low costed “skilled” players to be hired.

NIBB Regular Tournaments

March Madness

Regular Hosting Date – Late March – Annually

Host – Kaiowas (Andy McGorman)

Location – Lisburn Gaming Club

Format – 1 Day, 3 game resurrection tournament with a moderate skills package for players

Vibe – Well attended, well prize supported tournament which has something for everyone whilst giving top coaches a challenge, all attendees can work to earn prizes by chasing alternate goals.