LGC Warhammer 40k League 2021

Start Date – 3rd July 2021
Location – Lisburn Gaming Club (how to get to us)
Basics – One game per month, arranged between yourself and your opponent for when during the month to be played. games must be played at Lisburn Gaming Club within the month (new fixtures each month advertised via the whatsapp group, facebook and here.
Players divided up into 2 separate leagues, once the 6 games are over (1 per month), the top player in each league will then play each other in a final to decide the overall winner.
All results must be given to Colin, via whatsapp, facebook, in person at LGC or via e-mail colin@lisburn-gaming.co.uk
**Dont forget when you arrange a game to book a table for that saturday via Facebook or our website.**
For full rules click here

Round 1 Fixtures to be played before August